Mission in IRAQ
Site support in Kerbala Refinery

IRAQ, Aug. 2022 – NEWFIRE  Technology is operating with a dedicated team at one of the most important refineries in IRAQ under construction, to provide support during installation of fire protection systems and perform commissioning service.

A critical mission in a challenging territory, where our flexibility, combined with a solid multidisciplinary knowledge of electrical and mechanical engineering, allows us to manage the startup of several fire protection systems and related graphical maps.

Companies are made up of people and employees are the main asset of any successful organization. Therefore, a special thanks to our guys for their commitment and expertise in performing the job, a guarantee of efficient and timely service.


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best professionals in the fire-fighting sector

We are always looking for the best professionals in the fire-fighting sector, from technical department to field engineers, to enhance the team with personnel that operate with commitment and competence to serve our customers according to Company values.

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