Project Management

NEWFIRE Technology can follow the entire schedule of any project related to safety and fire-fighting, from design, engineering and procurement, to construction, assembling and final acceptance test before shipment.
Our project management team is responsible for each job and provides support to the customer right up to the completion of the on-site installation, providing technical assistance and supervision of the assembly, until final commissioning.
With a proper methodology and a structured process, NEWFIRE Technology guarantees high quality standards to monitor each phase of the project according to client expectation and project schedule.



Choosing to rely on a partner with a team of experts means always having qualified technical and service support on fire safety issues. NEWFIRE Technology can offer a wide range of services:

  • Analysis and technical proposals
  • Feasibility studies
  • Procurement management
  • Construction Design
  • Site surveys and upgrades
  • Revamping of old system
  • Modifications and renewals
  • Maintenance programme
  • Spare parts management


The project management team is involved in all phases of projects execution, providing quality documentation packages, including:


  • Detailed document list
  • Engineering documentation
  • Project process plan
  • Supplier Document List
  • Quality Plan
  • Inspection and Test Plan (ITP)
  • Periodic Progress Report
  • Erection plan
  • Site acceptance test
  • Commissioning plan
  • Maintenance programme
  • Spare part list


Project team is composed by senior Project Managers and experienced Project Engineers, fully responsible for project management, using the most modern tools and software applications for a best-in-class professional result.



NEWFIRE Technology’s technical team consists of dynamic, smart and fully competent Engineers with a wide range of technical specialization in the Oil & Gas and fire protection sectors. The competence of the staff is demonstrated by trusted employees who have worked in the active fire protection industry for over 20 years.


NEWFIRE Technology provides services and fire-fighting equipment to several of the largest Industrial O&G companies and EPC contractors worldwide.

Customers can count on a reliable and competent team of experts, technical project managers and field service engineers able to provide consultative support to any safety issue and offer an efficient and timely service on any fire protection topic.

Our experience on board platforms and other industrial sites has allowed us to make the most of our knowledge of fire-fighting technology, from supplying complete integrated fire protection solutions for new installations, to revamp old systems with modern one, to guarantee fire performance of existing systems during entire lifetime.

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