Engineering and Design

NEWFIRE Technology engineers support clients to make the right decision according to project specifications, to ensure the expected fire-fighting performance and respect international standards.

Safety Innovation

NEWFIRE Technology has always focused on innovation, through a dedicated team of experts able to grant the most modern and efficiency solution for any fire-fighting needs.

Installation support

Our team of experienced engineers and qualified project managers follow any clients during execution and installation on site, providing support up to final testing and commissioning.


NEWFIRE Technology technical department provides high quality design and engineering documentation for complete fire-fighting integrated packages.

Project Management

Project management team is responsible for any project execution according to client specification and applicable standards, respecting project schedule.


The long track experience in fire-fighting equipment makes each product specifically designed to deliver high fire-fighting performance to most demanding industrial clients.

Testing & Inspection

Each product is fully tested before shipment according to a rigid quality inspection plan. Specific tests and checks can be carried out on-site to ensure system efficiency and reliability.

Installation & Commissioning

NEWFIRE Technology has a dedicated team assigned to each project to provide support during installation and perform commissioning service onsite.

Maintenance & Surveys

NEWFIRE Technology provides maintenance programmes and periodic surveys to ensure the efficiency of the system throughout the lifecycle of the fire-fighting package.

Join Us

best professionals in the fire-fighting sector

We are always looking for the best professionals in the fire-fighting sector, from technical department to field engineers, to enhance the team with personnel that operate with commitment and competence to serve our customers according to Company values.

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