NEWFIRE Technology provides fire protective solutions through the integration of components and services specific for industrial customers. Our technical staff and customized products can be successfully used to reduce fire risks and create a safer and more efficient environment, protecting property and valuable business assets.

We are involved in every stage of the construction of fire-fighting systems all over the world. We offer a wide range of products and turnkey solutions: from engineering to procurement, from construction to commissioning, our expert technical team is able to supply Fire Protection modules and safety packages, to grant business continuity and mitigate fire risks to main industrial clients.


Our Engineering department and Technical team coordinate specialized installers and external competent partners in a variety of construction phases such as welding, painting, mechanical assembly, instrumentation and electrical wiring, testing and start-up.

As a single global supplier, we are able to react quickly to customers’ needs, offering an increased degree of flexibility and an effective teamwork, both key factors to provide complex and innovative engineering solutions to the Oil & Gas market.

We design our packages and assemble them in Italy, thanks to a great local network of trained and skilled partners.

Our key Clients range from OEMs to integrators and EPCs, always providing customized solutions for truly demanding international customers. We stay close to our clients, supporting them in choosing the right fire-fighting solution and tailoring all our packages specifically to their needs, with great communication and flexibility at all production stages.

Our experience onboard platforms and in close contact with experienced operations managers has enabled us to strengthen our knowledge of fire-fighting technology in a comprehensive view, according to the customer’s perspective. Today, NEWFIRE Technology is a solid entity, able to provide complete and integrated fire protection solutions for new installations, revamp old systems with modern systems, and guarantee the fire performance of existing systems throughout their entire lifetime.

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