Maintenance & Surveys

NEWFIRE Technology provides maintenance programmes and periodic surveys to ensure the efficiency of the system throughout the entire lifecycle of the fire-fighting package.

Operations and Services at NEWFIRE Technology are performed according to the instructions and recommendations of each manufacturer for the specific fire-fighting system, in order to always provide high quality solutions and maintain solid reliability over time. 

Our technical staff is composed by trained field service engineers able to carry out periodic checks and tests for an effective preventive maintenance that can assure functionality in any emergency situation, even after many years from commissioning.

As a global provider, we serve industrial customers in any country, both for offshore and onshore applications, respecting severe and rigid maintenance plans.



A customized maintenance program allows specific inspection and verification work to be scheduled throughout the year on all fire-fighting systems, reducing downtime and improving system performance.

This results in overall savings in system operating costs, which in the long run extends the average life of the equipment and simplifies its management.


NEWFIRE Technology has always been aware of the importance of having spare parts readily available, to ensure prompt services and restore the functionality of the equipment in the shortest possible time.

A professional spare parts management makes it possible to meet scheduled interventions, possible upgrades, replacement and general repair services to increase the entire useful life cycle of expensive and critical equipment.

Our network of specialized suppliers and partners allows us to quickly procure and manage all necessary spare parts to maintain the highest level of reliability at all times. 


To ensure an effective preventive control and avoid unexpected faults that can impact the business continuity, NEWFIRE Technology offers periodic inspections and site surveys to check the status of the fire-fighting systems.

Our field technicians can evaluate and test each equipment, then prepare specific reports with the list of activities to be carried out, the necessary spare parts and the extraordinary maintenance and repair interventions.


A complete package of detailed procedures is relevant to schedule an organized and structured maintenance plan, to register and keep update all mandatory activities with proper and professional service reports.

NEWFIRE Technology supports the clients to prepare and improve all the relevant technical procedures for a modern and effective maintenance service.


A wide range of fire protection products and equipment can be serviced by NEWFIRE Technology’s experienced field technicians. Here below the list of main systems in our scope of work:

  • Water base systems (deluge and sprinkler)
  • Foam systems and relevant equipment (monitors, tanks, mixer)
  • Water mist systems (high and low pressure)
  • Hose reels and Hydrants
  • Gaseous systems (Inergen, Argonite, Novec, CO2)
  • Integrity testing of rooms (door fan test)
  • Wet chemical extinguisher systems
  • Pressure testing of cylinders
  • Fire & Gas panels and field devices


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