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Global Supplier

NEWFIRE Technology is an Italian based Company with international presence that operates as a global provider of fire-fighting solutions and services worldwide.


With its head office in Milan, Italy, NEWFIRE Technology provides engineered solutions and high quality services to the international projects in Power, Petroleum, Oil & Gas and Energy sectors, with a presence all over the world.

NEWFIRE Technology offers a wide range of products and turnkey solutions; from engineering to procurement, from construction to commissioning, our expert technical team is able to supply Fire Protection systems to grant business continuity and mitigate fire risks to main industrial clients.

NEWFIRE Technology takes care of the supplied systems during all lifecycle, by rigid installation procedures, acceptance tests and quality checks, and a periodic maintenance programme, including repairs, upgrades and spare parts management.

History & Exp erience

NEWFIRE Technology is a dynamic, flexible and fully competent organization founded by experienced managers in Oil & Gas applications and fire-fighting sectors. The expertise of the staff is proven by trusty employees having worked in the active fire protection industry for over 20 years.

Operations and Service management

Operations and Services at NEWFIRE Technology are performed according to the instructions and procedures of our Quality Management System, in order to always provide high quality solutions and services to clients worldwide.

Our core business and mission is to provide fire protective solutions through the integration of components and services specific for industrial customers. Our technical staff and customized products can be successfully used to reduce fire risks and create a safer and more efficient environment, protecting property and valuable business assets.

As a global provider, we serve industrial customers in any country, both for offshore and onshore applications, with particular focus on local regulations and international standards (such as NFPA, UL, FM, IMO). Our aim is to support clients in making the right decision, the most suitable solution and to invest properly in reliable fire protection technologies.


Health, Safety and Environment Policy


Safety is an essential element in all our activities and we are committed to the philosophy of sustainable development. Prevention is the key focus to reduce accidents and injuries. We strongly promote a safe and healthy working environment and the well-being of our employees.
To fulfill our HSE policy we:

● expect good HSE behavior and follow the rules in all our daily activities
● recognize hazards, asses risks, and set up actions to manage them
● respect the law, HSE standards and other regulations by the authorities
● improve competentes through continuous training in our organization
● always act to protect environment
● focus on continuous improvement of processes and work environment.


Companies are made up of people. Employees are the main asset of any successful organization and therefore NEWFIRE Technology puts its team at the center to develop their ambitions and improve their career and professionalism growth, always respecting the highest safety standards.


Our customers are at the center of our services and the basis of our success. Environmental care and respect of safety principles are the hallmarks of NEWFIRE Technology, which we present to our customers as the foundation of our offer.


Company management is committed, by making available human, instrumental and economic resources, to pursuing the objectives of continuous improvement of workers’ health and safety, as an integral part of its activities and as a strategic commitment to the Company’s more general aims.

Long track record experience

NEWFIRE Technology provides services and fire-fighting equipment to several of the largest Industrial O&G companies and EPC contractors worldwide. Customers can count on a reliable and competent team of experts, able to provide consultative support to any safety issue and offer an efficient and timely service on any fire protection topic.

Our experience on board platforms and other industrial sites has allowed us to make the most of our knowledge of fire-fighting technology, from supplying complete integrated fire protection solutions for new installations, to revamp old systems with modern one, to guarantee fire performance of existing systems during entire lifetime.


NEWFIRE Technology and his expertise engineers hold various internationally recognized certifications:

  • ISO 9001:2015: Quality Management System 
  • BOSIET OPITO for Offshore service
  • NR Norme Regulamentadore
  • OGUK for Offshore services
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