Installation & Commissioning

NEWFIRE Technology has a dedicated team assigned to each project to provide support during installation and perform commissioning service onsite.

As a global provider, we serve industrial customers in any country, both for offshore and onshore applications, with particular focus on installation procedures, acceptance tests and quality checks, up to final commissioning.

Our experience on board platforms and other industrial sites has allowed us to make the most of our knowledge of fire-fighting technology, which is essential for the delicate stages of installation and commissioning.

A team of experts will be able to resolve any issues during acceptance and thus meet  delivery schedules, avoiding delays and potential claims.


Expertise and competence also on Fire & Gas matter, in particular on Fire Control Panel programming and test, allows to have a single provider capable of handling the complete commissioning of any fire protection system.

Customers can count on a reliable and competent team of experts, able to provide consultative support to any safety issue and offer an efficient and timely service. Our flexibility, together with a solid multidisciplinary knowledge of electrical and mechanical engineering, allow us to manage the start-up and commissioning of different fire-fighting systems worldwide.

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