Testing & Inspection

NEWFIRE Technology offers a wide range of products and turnkey solutions; from engineering to procurement, from construction to commissioning, our expert technical team is able to supply Fire Protection systems to grant business continuity and mitigate fire risks to main industrial clients.

NEWFIRE Technology takes care of the supplied systems during all lifecycle, by rigid installation procedures, acceptance tests and quality checks, and a periodic maintenance programme, including repairs, upgrades and spare parts management.

Quality is the key factor in any production process to guarantee system efficiency and satisfy customer expectations. All main tests and inspections are carried out by our technical experts and production managers, according to client specifications and 3rd party procedures

Typical tests we can provide are as follows:

  • PMI (Positive Material Identification)
  • Painting check with external inspectors
  • Insulation Resistance and Loop Test
  • Hydraulic Pressure Test
  • Dimensional check
  • Assembly Leak Test
  • Operation and functional Test
  • Discharge test



The Quality department, through testing & inspection procedures, provides specific technical documentation packages and test reports for each project. Our experienced quality process can be customized according to client requirements and local testing demands. Typical documentation package includes the following: 

  • Test Procedure and final reports
  • Functional Procedure
  • As built drawings
  • Final certification books
  • Quality package
  • Lifting Procedure and certificates


NEWFIRE Technology’s quality team consists of dynamic, smart and fully competent Senior inspectors expert in the Oil & Gas and fire protection sectors. Our goal is to always maintain trained and certified engineers, ready to travel all over the world to serve our client and guarantee high performance of any fire-fighting installations. The competence of the staff is demonstrated by trusted employees who have worked in the active fire protection industry for over 20 years.

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